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Classical Homeopathy Receives 2019 Best of Isanti Award

Isanti Award Program Honors the Achievement

ISANTI October 14, 2019 -- Classical Homeopathy has been selected for the 2019 Best of Isanti Award in the Alternative Medicine Practitioner category by the Isanti Award Program.

Each year, the Isanti Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Isanti area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2019 Isanti Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Isanti Award Program and data provided by third parties.


My teenage daughter and I have many allergies, you name it and one of us is allergic to it. For instance, some of our allergies are to wheat, yeast, sugar, dairy, corn, mold, dust, grass, animals, etc. When I was tested, 15 years ago for dust, my reading was 2000. The allergist told me if the reading is at 60 he treats people. I am very allergic to dust!

We have been taking allergy treatments with some success. There hasn't ever been any hope of "recovering" from these allergies, and we made major hard changes to our lifestyle. We have never quite figured out the food allergies. That seems to be the most difficult one. We try hard, but sometimes the cravings overcome us. More often the pressure from feeling like an odd ball when everyone else is eating things we can't have overcome me. I eat the wrong things and then I suffer. Once I do this the cravings take over and it is a vicious cycle to get back on track. Beth has offered us hope. We have been taking her remedy for almost a month now. I am feeling much more control over the food choices I make and therefore feeling better and more energetic.

I had a traumatic childhood and Beth was the first "health" person that sincerely listened and applied my emotions to my health. It makes so much sense! I get stomach aches when there is conflict between people, unfortunately, my stomach hurts a lot. I am convinced this has an effect on my health.

Beth is a very good listener and very thorough with her follow-up. Another first for me was how she remembered and asked me about my concerns from the initial visit. She remembered more about what I had said than I did. I didn't need a checklist to ask her "What about...?" She took care of it. I also feel more settled now, like I can face conflict better. It is hard to explain, I just feel different and like I can deal with life in a healthful way. I am looking forward to continuing on my remedy and working with Beth.

- Teri Recht, North Branch, MN

General Health

During the summer of 2005, we found Classical Homeopathy and Beth Knudtsen-Spears. We are so pleased with the results of our consultations with Beth. She has assisted us through our health needs including breast cancer. We have benefited greatly from information and remedies for our health needs and helpful suggestions on lifestyles, supplements and vitamins.

We have found Beth to be very knowledgeable and effective in her recommendations on the challenges that face senior citizens and people of all ages. Beth spends adequate time with each visit evaluating the whole person and what she believes are the best options available, never rushing us out, always responding to our phone calls.

Beth is educated and knowledgeable. She has the respect of her patients and her peers. But we also appreciate her because she is sensitive, caring and effective in assisting us in our attempts to live a healthy, active life. If you are looking for these qualities in a health care person, we highly recommend Beth Knudtsen-Spears.

- Floyd and Lu Pinotti, Harris, MN

Stomach Issues

I was born totally blind. When I was younger I had no problem going to school and college and traveling wherever I wanted either independently or with family and friends. As I have gotten older I have developed some anxiety about leaving my home. This has occurred for several reasons to do with other health issues. My most major concern was the feeling of nausea and cramping that would come over me. This would often lead to actual physical illness. Beth gave me a remedy to take prior to having to leave the house. This remedy has helped immensely. I now have the confidence to go out to shop, church and participate in community activities. She is gentle, encouraging and very helpful.
- Tammy Frost, Mora, MN

Detoxifying & Healing

I have had a wonderful experience working with Beth and being blessed by her homeopathic expertise. She is a patient, astute observer who took the time to understand my needs and desires and accommodated both with great balance.

The detoxifying and healing I have received while under her care are invaluable and I highly recommend her to those looking for healing and balance.

Thank you!
- Lindsey, Bloomington

Natural Healing for Our Entire Family

We have been working with Beth for about two years now, and she has helped our whole family with a number of issues that we have had. My youngest son was having headaches, seizures, and had a concussion when we began going to her. She immediately got rid of his headache and bruising, which had been plaguing him daily for about two weeks, after he crashed his dirt bike. His seizures have decreased from multiple seizures daily to a couple of minor seizures a month. It's amazing!

My oldest son has Aspergers and ADHD. When we started with Beth, he was on multiple prescription medications, which were causing him paranoia and drastic mood swings. He was on a complete roller coaster ride, and didn't like how he was feeling at all. Since then, Beth has rid his body of all of the toxins, and has made him more manageable. He loves that he can be himself now, and he feels so much better. I am happy to say that he no longer needs prescription drugs, and he is a much happier young man.

My husband was having some anxiety and pain in his elbow. Beth has helped him with both of these issues. His elbow pain is completely gone, and his anxiety has subsided drastically.

I have had several different issues that Beth has helped me with. The worst was my migraines which I had been plagued with my whole life. She has completely gotten rid of them for me. I also had a lot of pain in my legs, from my veins, along with other issues. Beth has helped me with all of my aches and pains. I also am highly allergic to poison ivy and have had horrible breakouts that last for months. Since I've been going to Beth, when I do come in contact with poison ivy, she helps me get rid of it within a couple of days! It is incredible!

My brother was visiting us a couple of weeks ago, and he got attacked by our cat. He had some deep puncture wounds on his hand, from the cats teeth and claws. It was horrible! His hand instantly swelled up to at least twice it's normal size. We had read online how serious cat bites were, and that most people were either hospitalized or had to see a doctor to get rid of the infection. I contacted Beth, and she told me what to do for him. After beginning to treat him, I noticed immediate results, as his body began to heal. Within two days, he had no pain, no stiffness, no swelling, no redness, and the fever was completely gone from his hand. It was an absolute miracle! I thought for sure that he was going to end up being hospitalized from the way it looked in the beginning.

Meeting Beth has been a life changing experience for everyone in our family. We are so thankful for everything that she has done for us. I highly recommend Classical Homeopathy for taking care of your medical issues the natural way! Donna from Stacy

- Donna, Stacy


I first visited Beth Spears in 2003 because of very severe arthritic knees resulting from Lymes' Disease. I am still taking a remedy for it, but my knees have improved remarkably, and I have avoided knee replacement surgery because of it.

I am an R.N., and now a confirmed believer in homeopathy after seeing Beth use remedies to treat my children for chickenpox, a serious burn, depression, gastric indigestion, PMS, migraines, and childbirth. We've now started our 3rd generation on homeopathy, by having Beth successfully treat my newborn granddaughter's colic.

Beth is very knowledgeable about homeopathy and has an excellent “bedside manner.” Our family has found both Beth and homeopathy to be very "user friendly!"

- Judi Olson, Papua, New Guinea

General Health

After receiving a remedy from Beth, I feel as though I was 16 years old again (and I am over 60 now). Mega-energy, spirits high and just a feeling of well-being and everything was ok with the world. I always have a remedy on hand for colds, flu or sickness. Beth knows just what I need. I won't be without my remedies from Beth. I would highly recommend her for healing in a natural way without any side effects!

- Caroline S. Parsons, Braham, MN